Asian Bioethics Association
About Asian Bioethics Association:
Bioethics has rapidly developed in the past two decades in Asia. Asian Bioethics Association ABA) is one of the leading association on bioethics in Asia and the Pacific.
The first Asian Bioethics Association Conference was held in 1995 in Beijing. The previous conferences have been held in China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Iran, the Philippines and Taiwan.
The objective of the Asian Bioethics Association (ABA) is to promote scientific research in bioethics in Asia through open and international exchanges of ideas among those working in bioethics in various fields of study and different regions of the world. The Association encourages “the following work and projects: (1) to organize and support international conferences in bioethics in Asia; (2) to assist the development and linkage of regional organizations for bioethics; (3) to encourage other academic and educational work or projects to accomplish their goals consistent with the objectives of the Association.”
ABA Board of Directors (Nov 2018-Nov. 2020)
  • President: Prof. Ravichandran Moorthy, Malaysia
  • Immediate Past-President: Prof. Bang-ook Jun, Korea
  • Vice President for Asian Ethnic and Religious Minorities: Prof. Hasan Erbay, Turkey
  • Vice President for Bangladesh: Prof. (Ms.) Shamima Lasker
  • Vice President for China: Prof. (Ms.) Cong Yali
  • Vice President for India: Prof. (Ms.) Aruna Sivakami
  • Vice President for Indonesia: Prof. Endang Sukara
  • Vice President for Japan: Prof. Nader Ghotbi
  • Vice President for Korea: Prof. (Ms.) Manjae Kim
  • Vice-President for Malaysia: Prof. (Ms.) Latifah Amin (Malaysia)
  • Vice-President for the Pacific: Prof. (Ms.) Irina Pollard (Australia)
  • Vice-President for the Philippines: Prof Marlon Lofredo
  • Vice-President for South Asia: Prof Arif. Hossain (Bangladesh)
  • Vice-President for South East Asia: Prof. (Ms.) Ananya Tritipthumrongchok (Thailand)
  • Vice President for Pakistan: Dr. (Ms.) Sumaira Khowaja-Punjwani
  • Vice President for Taiwan: Prof. Duujian Tsai
  • Vice President for West Asia: Prof. (Ms.) Firuza Nasyrova (Tajikstan)
  • Secretary: Prof. Darryl Macer (Thailand/New Zealand)
ABA Membership is open to all who share the goals of developing cross-cultural and international bioethics in their region of the world. Persons who want to confirm their membership of the ABA must send their completed membership form to the secretariat  (by Email, [email protected]).

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