Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2019
Invitation to submit abstract for twentieth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC20):
This is an opportunity to share your bioethics views and research with international colleagues who are actively aligning ethics, law, society, and policy with advances in neuroscience. We welcome abstracts of both empirical and philosophical natures related to the field of bioethics. Investigators at all career stages are encouraged to submit one or more abstracts. Acceptance will be based on content, available space, and overall program balance. Oral and poster presentations will take place during the conference.
General Information:
Abstract Submission will be open from 1st March, 2019. Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2019.
No extension of this deadline will be possible.
The overall best rated Abstract and Posters will be awarded by the Society. Abstract must be submitted in English. All oral and poster presentations must be given in English and no translation service will be provided during the conference. Please send your abstract to Prof MA Shakoor at: [email protected] and [email protected]and cc to [email protected] for your all communication.
Topics of Special Interest:
  1. Medical ethics
  2. Research ethics
  3. Healthcare Law and Ethics
  4. Beginning of life, foetal protection (status of the foetus, abortion, maternal/ foetal conflict and genetic selection)
  5. Death with dignity (assisted suicide, euthanasia and the withdrawal of treatment),
  6. Treating Children and Incompetent Adults
  7. Publication ethics: Authorship, Plagiarism, IPRs etc.
  8. Empowering gender /class /ethnicity equality
  9. Environment, sustainability, life and environmental justice
  10. Challenging social economic
  11. Bioethics in science and technology
  12. Bioethics Education and Methods
  13. Ethics of Science and Technology
  14. Ethical dilemmas in research and policy
  15. Advancing social development and civic engagement
  16. Others…
Presentation Preference:
  • Oral presentations: Each presentation will be 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion
  • Poster Presentation: Posters will be displayed during the conference. At least one of the authors, preferably the first author, is expected to be in attendance during the poster session(s).
Abstract Format:
  • Abstract title (maximum of 200 characters)
  • Details of the presenter and author(s)
    • Name of Author(s)
    • Designation
    • Institute
    • Email
  • Preferred presentation type
  • The abstract body text (maximum 350 words)
    Please structure your abstract using the following headings:
    • Objective: Describe as accurately and clearly as possible what you propose to present.
    • Method: Describe the population, research methods, measurements, intervention (when applicable) and analyses you performed.
    • Results: When reporting on a research project, present your main findings in the abstract. No riddles or cliff-hangers. If you do not yet have the results, make convincingly clear that you will have them at the time of the conference.
    • Conclusion: State your conclusion as clearly as possible, and reflect on your study limitations and the meaning of what you found in a few words.
The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the ABC20 Scientific Committee. The author will be informed of the outcome within 30 days of submission of the abstract. All notifications will be sent to the email address provided during the abstract submission process.
Dissemination of Abstracts:
Accepted abstracts will be bundled in a print and digital abstract book (in pdf format) and posted on the conference website. After the conference, the abstracts will remain publicly available in pdf format.
Please do not submit an abstract if you are not confident that you will be able to attend the conference. If your presentation has been accepted but circumstances prevent your attendance, please ask a co-author to present and notify the Conference Secretariat to Prof Abdus Shakoor at [email protected] and cc to [email protected] of this change as soon as possible. If cancellation is unavoidable, please contact the Conference Secretariat immediately to remove your presentation from the conference programme.
Submission of abstract:
All abstracts must be submitted online via email on or before September 15, 2019. An abstract must be submitted by one of its authors. Presenter must be one of the authors of an abstract. Submissions after the closing date may be considered by the Chairs, but is not guaranteed.
Although the conference is moving to more submissions based on quantitative or qualitative research, abstracts with high quality reflective papers can be accepted for oral presentation.
Only abstracts following the above guidelines will be considered.
There will only be one oral presentation from one person during ABC20. In the event that a coauthor cannot attend, the paper can only be presented orally if the other presenter has not made another oral presentation. You may submit a second paper for poster presentation, but please specify which is your preference for the one oral presentation.
Prof. Dr. M. A Shakoor
Scientific Committee
Twentieth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC20)
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Md. Muhibbur Rahman
Member Secretary,
Scientific Committee
Email: [email protected]

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